My Story

Back in the late 90’s the IT industry was booming, and folks were just starting to get email to their PC and a web browser to search the Internet. By chance I secured a position with a small IT company and 22+ years later it has turned into a career I have enjoyed and of which I am extremely proud.

However, I decided to implement some changes in my life as I no longer had the desire to spend my entire working week in London and the South East of England. I also felt the time was right to set up on my own and to build a better work life balance for me and my family.

I decided to take what I have learnt in my career and to use this to help smaller businesses grow - businesses that do not yet have the capacity for a full time sales person, businesses that need to grow but don’t have the capital or time to invest in another FTE, businesses that could benefit from a fresh pair of eyes to guide their sales strategies.

Ultimately, I want to take what I have learnt to help businesses grow and grow.

Pick up the phone and give me a call to find out more and to discuss how we could work together.


+44 (0) 7525 285906

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